Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thanks for the Love

I don't always bring roses home, but I like having
flowers in the house as much as the missus does.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I'll be working like any other day and coming home to my wife like any other day. Like most of you who work away from the house and come home to your spouse (or significant other).

I'll come home with flowers, like I usually do on February 14th, and like I also do several times over the course of the year. My wife and I will probably go out for dinner somewhere nice but not too nice. It's a routine.

But today I want to thank all of you who've taken the time to read the blog here. There's been a significant rise in traffic over the last three months or so. I'm not sure if it's that I've been writing things that you all want to read (I hope that's it) or what, but I'm really and truly grateful for the love you've shown Jason Arnett dot com. There have been retweets of links, more pluses on Google+, comments on Facebook links and shares there, too.

I'll keep at it, but I wanted share a list of the most popular posts so far this year. Here it is:

Don't Pirate My Book(s) - because Chuck Wendig told me to say it.
The Truth of the LieOutright lies are just meant to hurt their victims or, at the minimum, cast the teller of the lie in the best possible light.
Pranks - ...a good prank is a good prank and everyone should be able to chortle about it afterwards.
Widespread Panic - ...this post is more about procrastination than about finishing.
Mr. Know-it-All Owns Up - I realize I don't know everything there is to know.
Vampires and Zombies Are Not For Me ...if I were to write a vampire or zombie story, what would be my contribution to the genre? I can't see one yet.

I'll keep trying to keep the blog engaging here, gang. If there's something you want to ask me, don't forget that you can click over to my still-nascent Tumblr and fire away. I forgot to mention in this post that I'm on Goodreads, too. Feel free to follow there.

Hope you all have a happy Valentine's Day or a good Thursday. Whichever works best for you.

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Just Wendy said...

And a very happy Valentines Day to you too, Jason!