Monday, February 11, 2013


I've been whacking away at trying to be a creative person for a number of years now. Well, all my life, really, but seriously for the last thirteen or fourteen. Well, only seriously for a total of five or six years of the last thirteen or fourteen. You get what I'm saying.

I hope.

Anyway, November of 2011 saw Evolver: Apex Predator hit digital shelves at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Immediately following that book's acceptance by Actionopolis I began working on another for them.

We're about two steps closer to seeing that book come out. There's some cover artwork and the final edits have been turned back in. I'm hoping it's going to be ready sooner than later. Reading the book again before it goes out was weird. I looked at what I'd written and while I think it still tells a good story, I would have approached some things a little differently. As it was, I fixed some clarification things and just some minor housekeeping stuff.

If I were less secure, I could have kept tweaking little things here and there and here and there. Finally I  sighed and decided it was time to let it go. So off it went in an email.

What inspired the re-read and edits was getting to see a preview of the cover.

Those are the little moments that have made me wanting to be a writer worth all the time and energy I've been putting in. Well, that and getting paid for writing the books. I guess that makes me somewhere between an amateur and semi-pro. Doesn't it?


All this led to another email that said go ahead on a third book that I turned in last year. The draft was in need of some attention and now that the other book is in production I'm feeling good about taking care of this one.

Look, I'm sorry to be vague but these are books that will definitely see the light of day. Through the fault of no one, little delays piled up around them and now it appears those have been cleared and we're rolling again. Here's to hoping that 2013 is the year of these books coming out and getting some attention. I'll need your help on that last part, but I'm good with the writing and editing bits.

I promise I'll share covers and announcements when I can. For now, I'm glad that the work is moving forward.

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