Friday, February 22, 2013

Go Visit

While you're over there, check out all my friends' work
at the Cafe. I couldn't ask for a better group of folks to
be associated with. They're awesome.
I'm taking today off here to point you to my post at The Confabulator Cafe where I'm writing about how I critique other writers.

Between here and the Cafe I'm blogging about 2000+ words a week and not writing nearly enough. True, I can crank out a week's worth of posts on a good day and I need to get focused on some fiction things. (By the way, my post next week at the Cafe is a fun one, Conned - Based on a True Story. Watch for it.)

Also, digging out from the snowstorm. Check out my Twitter feed for pictures if you missed them yesterday.

And re-writing a draft of a new novelette that had some serious problems and one giant gaping plot issue that bothered me almost from the beginning. It was just too heavy-handed. With any luck I'll be able to knock that out pretty quickly.

See you Monday. Or on Twitter.

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