Monday, January 14, 2013

Widespread Panic

I hid under your porch because I love you.
I have so many projects in so many stages that I'm not sure what I should be working on. I could panic, do a Muppet flail, and run around the house but everything would still be in the state it's in now that that just isn't helpful. After a burst of creativity in November and December (not quite replicating what I accomplished last year but still...) I took about three weeks off and didn't do much. That hasn't really helped me get anything done, either.

And new ideas are popping up.

While it's true that about 98% of the web is about writing advice, I don't feel like I've dispensed too much 'advice' here. I'm published, yes, but so far only one book is out (and you can buy it here). (End of shameless plugging and whorebaggery.) Instead, like the header says above, this is my blog about writing stories. What I go through when I'm writing. It's about sharing, I guess, information that others might find helpful or entertaining. A lot of people over the last four or five months have stopped in to see what's going on, so maybe I've finally hit my stride here.

So this post is more about procrastination than about finishing. (I just clicked away to work on a post for another site. Jesus.)

Something that bothers me is that I'm always distracted by the new shines. New stories are always more attractive than trying to go back and edit old ones that could conceivably sell. A member of my writer's group has sold a bunch of old stories by going back and systematically editing and submitting. I've got a couple dozen short stories (and some that are longer, nearly novelettes) that if I put a month's worth of effort into editing and then sending out might find homes.

But I've got two unfinished novels I'm anxious to get back to. And a third that's nearly ready to go out onto the street, too.

And new ideas are popping up.

Good lord, what am I going to do?

Buckle down, man. I'm going to have to get the old stories working the streets. I'm going to have to schedule time to submit them after they've been edited and then track my progress. I can't let Jack and Sara have all the fun. I can't let Rachel be the only one with a novel out there.

So, deep breaths. Don't worry about the projects I haven't told the public about (and there are a couple that will be on the burner for a year or more) but keep plugging away. I've got to schedule my writing time like I do in November and into December. I have to remind myself AGAIN that this is a job and I have to put my time in. Nothing happens if I don't




Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Believe me, I'm feeling your frustration. This weekend, I managed to zero writing and barely any reading. And it's not a lack of projects, it's the fact that I have too many. (I'm still not sure how you manage to post here as often as you do. I'm struggling with one post a week.)

R.L. Naquin said...

Mwahahahaha! Why do you think it's taking me so long with your novel? I'm sitting on it so you can't do anything! I want to keep my crown.

As long as I have your novel, you won't submit it. When it comes time, I'll do the same to Jack and Sara. Nobody steals my limelight! Mwa. Ha. Ha!

Jason Arnett said...

I knew it. I KNEW IT.

Kevin, the only way I can keep ahead is to keep shoveling and scheduling three or four posts ahead.