Friday, January 11, 2013

Where to Find Me - January 2013

Despite everything being connected on the web, I don't
feel the need to connect every aspect of my social media
to everything else. Each platform has different audiences
which is why I'm all over the web in various spaces.
I'm kind of all over the web in various social spaces. This is the year when it will matter, I suppose, so here we are with a list of the places you can connect with me if you choose.

Before we get to the list, a quick note about my theory of social media. It's supposed to be social. Say hello, tell me something, talk to me. That's the best way to get me to follow you back or mention you otherwise - This is the blog you're reading from. Whether on a feed reader or you came here because of a tweet or something you saw on Facebook or somewhere else. This is the home base and I'm continuing to update MOST Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I recommend checking here first. If you're on a feed reader, you're missing the Tweet stream on the right.

Twitter - The social media I embraced most and where I'm sending out signals from more often than not. It always points back to the blog and often encompasses more interests than just writing. You're welcome to add me to lists and hang out. Ask me questions, whatever. I like Twitter for interacting with people I don't see all the time. If you engage with me, just even to say hello once in a while, I'll follow back. Otherwise if you're just looking for numbers don't waste anyone's time. It's "social" media, remember?

Facebook - I have a personal page that I'm going to trim down in favor of keeping people I know there and directing all others to the new professional page. If we've met in real life or corresponded in the aether somewhere, you'll be on my personal page. Otherwise, please like the professional page. I'm not sure yet how the content there will differ from my personal page but I can guarantee the blog will connect to it so you'll still get some personal stuff. Just not all of it.

I has a Tumblr but I'm not sure yet what I should do with it. I'll keep it somewhere in between the personal and professional. I promise no drunk pictures of me here. Mostly it'll be things that are engaging my interest and could possibly end up in a story or a book.

The Confabulator Cafe - I'm here every Friday expounding on the question of the week and once a month offering a flash fiction for your entertainment. You want to follow everyone who's there especially when the fictions come around. A great group of up-and-coming writers of various levels.

I'm on Google+ but I don't use it very often. Well, I don't hang out there very often, I should say. Mostly I'm busy writing.

My Amazon Author Page - where you can keep up with what's already come out. There should be a new book sooner than later and hopefully another following that before the end of the year.

Instagram - not that I take a lot of pictures and share them there, but if interesting things are happening there I'll be around. - the landing page for a basic biography of me. Includes my non-writing professional information.

LinkedIn - I have a couple of profiles there. One for being a writer, another for my day-life profession. I'm connected with folks there who I've met in real life.

Pheed - just a placeholder account. Not sure what I want to do with this yet.

I have a Formspring account, too, but it's been a while since i checked in there. I imagine since there's the Ask Me feature at Tumblr there's really no need for this. There's a WhoSay placeholder, too.  If you Google me you might stumble across a YouTube account and an ancient LiveJournal. They're essentially defunct but just in case you're looking around, yeah they are probably me.

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