Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Not For Publication

Items not for publication must be put in storage. Someday
they'll find homes but for now...
This isn't the post I was writing for today.

That post has been scuttled, filed, deep-sixed, spiked, trunked. Never gonna see the light of day. Ever. Well, maybe not EVER but certainly not here. It wasn't going to work for this blog and since I don't have any other blogs where it might fit, in the trunk it goes.

Every writer has articles, stories, ideas, STUFF they're never going to turn into paying copy. It's just part of being a writer. You have to produce in order to get to the good stuff and sometimes that production, while prodigious, isn't the cream of the crop.

You'll notice I haven't told you what the original post was about. I don't think I'm going to. I wrote it because I needed to work some stuff out, get some things off my chest. The kinds of things I might say to a group of confederates over drinks at a Writers Night Out after we've all had maybe just a little too much and the conversation has wandered far afield and we've talked about everything else...

Almost told you what it was about. Oh, you're good, interwebz. You're goooood.

Anyway, it was the kind of thing that doesn't belong here. It had to be written, had to get out of my head but it's inappropriate for this audience. Yeah, the blog is my soapbox but that doesn't mean I'm just  going to spout whatever's on my mind. Well, hold on, I DO do that but I try to keep it in terms of telling a story or at least being about storytelling. The post was constructed in the same fashion as I normally work here but beyond being just too --- well, not the kind of content I normally post, it was too long. About a thousand words too long, in fact. More like fifteen hundred words too long.

So. This story is about how writers write what they need to then decide what to do with it. It's not self-censorship, don't think that. Rather it's working out the stuff that gets into our brains, under our skins, and then finds its way through our fingers onto a digital page or perhaps elsewhere. It's preservation.

Good judgment must prevail. Never, and in this case I mean never EVER, post something that could be controversial without taking some time to reconsider what you're saying. If you don't use it at least you can tell the story about not using it. Those of us that write should know how to do that.

While this isn't the post I originally wrote for today, it's actually a better post. It's not about nothing. There's plenty for you to read between the lines if you choose to. AND there's even a clue as to what I was writing about originally.

Or maybe not. Sorry to be mysterious.

On Friday we'll return to more straightforward blogging.

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