Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Don't Worry Post

The cats lay in wait for me on the bookshelves. Jeez, I can't
get a break. They also don't believe how hard I'm working
since I don't bring them crunchies to eat.
It's been busy here around the house. I've been reading frantically for two friends, offering critiques and working like a demon. Tuesday I wrote 2000 words on a story that will appear Friday at The Confabulator Cafe. I can't tell you why there was such a burst of creativity but there was and I'm not questioning it.

I've got the novel out for comments again and I'm working to get ahead on blog posts again. By Saturday I should be back on track.

And the holidays are coming up again.


Then there's the winter storm that's possibly bearing down on us for Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Sleet turning into snow sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Still, it's a great time of year. I'm going to have some time off, get to open some presents and there'll be plenty of drinks to drink and movies to watch. Food to eat, too.

Yeah, I can't complain.

Once I'm caught up, I'm gonna get back to the novel. This year's novel, I mean. There's some serious editing to be done before I dive back into writing the rest of the middle and then the end. However I know exactly what's going to happen so it should be a cakewalk to finish. I'm aiming at the end of January.

So - don't worry that you didn't hear from me earlier this week. I'm just staying busy. You should be, too, right? Because you're writing and so am I.

Oh. Yeah. I've got some reading to do. Lethem and Baciagalupi. What are you all reading over the holidays? Anything?

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