Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I'm Thankful For

Almost our national bird, folks. You can see why. Turkeys
and Thanksgiving are good together. The birds, I mean.
It's that time of year when we all should sit back and take a few minutes to think about what's been good this year.

First, I'm really thankful to have a great day job that I like. I'm learning a lot of new things, meeting a lot of great new people and THE BENEFITS are the best I've ever had in my career. There's so much art around the campus it's just silly. Everywhere, there's art. It makes me happy walking across the campus (that sometimes reminds me of the original MYST island) where I can see so many things that appeal to my inner artist. I'm in a really good place where I'm meant to be.

Second, I'm absolutely thankful for my wife's and my family's support of me this year. It may have been tested in interesting and unprecedented ways but it's all come through in the end and we're all better off this year than last year. Not that last year was bad, don't take that the wrong way. Every year the goal is to be better than last year and that tradition has continued. My wife, in particular during the month of November, is the best and allows me to write every chance I get. She's used to it now but the new job (with a new, sometimes erratic schedule) has complicated the process. Still, it's been a struggle and we're all adapting. I love her and everyone who's here for me so much.

This is inclusive of everyone who I saw over the summer and fall, who I ran into in the real world and online. Everyone who was so friendly and believed in me, old friends and new. I can't verbalize how thankful I am for everyone who told me "you're going to be fine"; you were all correct and whatever you saw in me that allowed you to say it, I appreciate it.

Next, I have a great group of friends in my writing group. I'm thankful for ALL my friends who have all contributed to my writing in some way, but this group is special. I told you about them earlier this year and I'm reminding you of them now. I wouldn't be writing as much or as well without them.

Lastly, I'm glad of things that make me laugh and forget (for a few minutes) all the crap that piles up and threatens to overwhelm. Every year I point you this video that is possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen. I'm doing that again this year and I also give you the link to my post last year on the video which offers a little more. Just a little.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Anyway, back to writing. Updates when I can.

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