Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Election

Taking a break from writing to put together a few thoughts for the politicians going to and returning to Washington about the re-election of Mr. Obama as President of the United States of America:

  • Those who worked SO hard to make Mr. Obama a one-term president have wasted their time. You have only served to further polarize the nation and make things worse. It's time to stop being obstructionist, stubborn and surly. It's time to reach out and find what common ground there is between us. 
  • I know it hurts for your guy to lose. I know it. I'm not here to rub salt in your wounds. Let's sit down with a glass and some time and talk about what we can start to agree on. I can wait until next week to give you some time to recover, but after that it's up to you come around. Be big about the loss and do that. You'll garner more respect from everyone by doing so, too.
  • You may not respect the man personally, but you have to respect the office. Mr. Obama is the President and you all need to start acting like it. When you want to get in his face and point your finger at him; when you call him a liar during the State of the Union; when you vow to defeat every single initiative he proposes; when you call a large part of the electorate lazy and beggars - you will lose. Respect the President. He's supposed to be working for every American. Don't limit the office. Your guy might win in the next round and need people to respect him (or her). Pay it forward.
  • And finally, tone it down. Believe your beliefs but stop trying to ram them down everyone else's throats. It's dumb and it doesn't serve you well at all. It's way past time to bring reason back to Capitol Hill and back into the front of the electorate's mind. You all are leaders and this election is your mandate to lead. Don't tell us what we want to hear, say what we have to do. Inspire us, represent us and do your jobs. That's how you will be re-elected.
This goes not just for Republicans but for Democrats, too. Ladies and gentlemen you were sent to Washington to do a job for your constituents. Listen to them. Come back home every once in a while very often and set up shop in a diner or a coffee shop and just listen to the people you represent. Even the ones who probably won't vote for you. Win their respect by being a leader. Stop pandering for money to get re-elected. Spending time with your constituents is time well-spent and better spent.

Too long we've gone without leadership at the state and federal levels. Without leadership that cannot work and play well with others. Not in all areas, to be sure, but across a wide spectrum. It's unacceptable and you are supposed to be grown ups. 

In the end, let's be people who care about people. It's not that hard. I know you can do it.

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