Monday, November 19, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Unconscious

Interesting things happen when you tap the Muse, enter the Zone, and just start writing without a definite roadmap of your plot. Last year I found the story I wrote confronting prejudice and racism, topics I had no idea I wanted or needed to write about.

It's notable that I was surprised that the topics bubbled to the surface and that such strong feelings on the part of my main character stormed around the page like they did. I've always wondered if writers who say "it's the character talking not me" weren't full of it, but it's true that the characters will inform the writer - as much as possible - of how they feel and why they feel it.

Now my characters don't really speak to me. As a matter of fact interviewing characters is something I've never had any luck with. I have to know what they're made of, to be sure, but not knowing what they think about every little thing hasn't been important as I've been writing. I like discovering things about them as I'm writing rather than planning them out.

And I suppose as a reader you'd rather see how characters react to situations rather than me tell you what they're thinking, right?

That's the unconscious part of my writing. Using my experiences in the world to inform how characters react and then figuring out why later on.

Anyway, busy writing. Updates to follow.

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