Monday, November 05, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Fuel

Sugar. Coffee. Soda. Whisky. Carbs. Pecans. Water. Walnuts. Raisins. Ice cream.

Potato chips.

Every one of these things is in my diet for NaNoWriMo and I'll eat while I'm writing. Well, snack anyway. And that's not good but it's a fact of how I work.

Coffee's in the morning and early in the evening. Not too much later. If I'm out at a write in I hope it's a place that has a chai I can get hot. Spiced chai, not that vanilla-sweetened crap. I like sugar in forms of candy bars, scones (with carbs!), and sweet pastries. I forgot to mention crackers. I like crackers: saltines, cheezits, club crackers, et al. Sometimes there's cheese to go along with.

Soda's in the afternoons if I'm writing at home. Water is good anytime, especially late.

Whisky. Ah, whisky. That's an evening drink. Not to excess because I have to stay coherent, even for the Zero Draft, but one or two. Occasionally one or both of them are a double, but that's when the evening's going well and I'm going to be up later.

About halfway through the month of November I realize I should really be eating healthier while I'm in the throes of writing and that's when I'll pick up some pecans or walnuts at the store and some more raisins. (It's a requirement there be raisins in the house during oatmeal season here at Greengate, anyway, but there's an extra supply on hand for novel writing month.) Ice cream usually takes the form of ice cream sandwiches or some other novelty. Something (theoretically) portion-controlled.

So there's some insight into what's consumed here during the frenzy. Hope it's enlightened you.

Busy writing. Updates to follow.

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