Monday, September 03, 2012

Writing Space

Yeah, it's messy, but this is the best writing workspace
I've ever had at home.
I've had an 'office' in my home for the last oh, twelve or thirteen years. Longer, actually. Ever since I've had a home computer. The first one was a Mac Performa (I think) 6300 and I got a lot of use out of it. That was early days of the Internet and surfing was accomplished by dial up modem.

We also rode dinosaurs to work and Dr. Who was a fondly remembered relic.

The desktop required its own space in a room that was not the living room, dining room, or bedroom. That was something I had to establish right off the bat. My drawing table was also in that room, the 'office', along with all my comic books. (Yeah, I had a about fifteen long boxes of comics plus I don't know how many more loose on any available flat surface.)

Then I got a laptop. A Mac PowerBook. I still have it and it's still in use. Three or four years later I got a MacBook Pro. That's what I'm currently writing this on. Except it's a new one I bought last week.

The problem with getting a laptop was now I could watch TV in the same room with my wife and surf the 'net or write or whatever. It took me out of the office more than I wanted it to.

This last summer, as the previous MBP began to fail, I had to migrate back to using it in the office. It had a fan problem and was overheating and it liked being on a solid, flat surface. I implemented using a wireless mouse because the overheating affected the use of the trackpad. It was frustrating.

Still, I got a lot of writing done in that manner because in my office I have a nice (now ancient) boom box, a TV, all my reference materials, and yes - all my comic books. I've reduced the collection by two-thirds or so and it takes up a lot less space in the closet now. There aren't a lot of loose books.

Along with all this, I've got a nice, big desk that I can turn and write down notes on then pin them to a cork board over the desk. My external hard drive is here, too, so I can back up stuff easily. The TV or my iTunes or the boom box can provide soundtrack while I'm writing and I've got enough practice at this now that I can work without being distracted by stuff going on behind me.

And then I can close the door, and isolate myself if need be. Well, mostly. The cat box is in here, too, but the boys don't necessarily use it while I'm in here. To offset that, I have a nice window that looks out on the backyard. It's good for staring out when I need to ponder something, story wise.

That said, there are still piles of things that need to be dealt with. Papers, books, comics, or magazines that I was looking at for some reason then put down... You know.

But I'm working in here. I'm sitting in the chair, typing on the laptop that sits atop my desk. Things are getting done. Things are being written. Working in this office has been the best thing I've done in quite a long time.

So, in the comments, show me your work space, your writing space, if you like. Or just tell me about it.

But you can wait to do that. It's Labor Day and you've got things to grill, don't you?

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