Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Laughter and Love

I didn't know this, but on September 11, 1967, the Carol Burnett Show premiered. I say this because I LOVE the Carol Burnett Show. The old variety/sketch comedy format was part of what gave me my sense of humor. I watched this as often as I could but never paid attention to when it was actually on. I always was surprised to find it, especially when it was in syndication.

Classic characters like Mrs. Whiggins, Eunice and Mama, and then regular sketches like As the Stomach Churns and so many others. You can find a great selection of some of the best of these on YouTube nowadays.

And then there's this: Went With the Wind which is one of the best funny bits on one of the best funny shows in all of television. Here it is:

If you didn't laugh at all during that nine minutes you're probably dead.

Anyway, the show ran for eleven seasons and I think I've seen most of it. I know I've laughed a LOT when I've watched it. It's easily one of my top ten favorite shows.

Coincidentally, the same day that show debuted, my parents were married. They were young and in love and over the course of the following forty-five years they've loved a lot, laughed a lot, and done a lot of things that many people dream of doing but never do. They owned their own business and Dad is in business for himself. They raised a couple of good kids (you might've heard of one of 'em) and they are the glue that brings the extended family together at the holidays. Plus, they've outlasted the Carol Burnett Show.

My parents are the best parents I could ask for and I love them more than I ever say. If any of us stay together as long as they have, laugh as much as they do, love one another as much as they do, then we'll all be so very lucky and the world will be a much better place.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I hope you have a wonderful day and I'm so very grateful for all things you've done for me. 

You're the best.



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