Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Circle of Write

I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about today since I missed blogging on Monday and the thing I put up yesterday was weak, at best. Honest, but weak.

I'm reluctant to tout having 'leveled up' last week even though it seems to've been pretty major a breakthrough being able to identify passive sentences as I'm writing them. I need to work it some more before I can say that I've definitely passed that particular milestone.

But then as I considered these things I suppose something clicked that both are important in their way. I mean last week was pretty good for working out problems in the novel. I ran my solution past my writing buddy Rachel and she was enthusiastic that I'd come up with that. (At least she gave me that impression. She might not've cared one way or the other. Her book came out the day before and if you haven't checked out Monster in My Closet, you should.)

So two things intertwined to help me see what I'd been missing in my first big work, the first one I wholeheartedly believe in. See, if I'd known a little more what I was doing last November I wouldn't be struggling to revise this novel and it would likely be out collecting rejection slips for me.

Which I've managed to get with some short stories that I've been sending around. No one's biting on the shorter works and I'm tempted to shelve them for the nonce (love that word!) and focus on writing new works with the new knowledge then sending THOSE out. I mean I've made some room for new ideas and once upon a time I would have attacked those ideas with vigor and gusto and no clear idea what I was going to write. Now I need to have two images: opening and closing. If I don't have both, I can't write the story. With only one image I don't know what the story's about.

Except I do. I write about characters and their relationships. That makes my SF more like space opera and my suspense stories a little more powerful. (I hope.) I can't just write a situation any more. But it's easier to write the people. Their foibles, loves, hopes, dreams, failures, and all. Characters come from base outlines, much the way humans come from a particular set of DNA with little peccadilloes to give us individuality. This individuality is what contributes to our everyday lives and all the things that go into making us, well US.

Which is kind of why I missed blogging on Monday. Things just got in my way and I threw something together on Tuesday because I felt guilty and I absolutely shouldn't do that. You all know that if I'm not blogging I'm writing or I'm doing something that will contribute to my writing. I don't need to say it.

So I guess I've talked my way around a blog post. Funny how that worked.

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