Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Nik Wallenda wirewalks Niagara Falls. I just want
to write stories and have a life. Image Attribution.
I've got multiple projects in various stages of development so here's the list:

  • The novel from last November is deep into a second revision. Based on notes I've gotten and comments from folks still reading it, I think I'm on the right track to get this done by the end of October. (crosses fingers)
  • A collaboration that's exciting and is still in its early throes of becoming something grand. Something I hope I can share with you all at some point. I hate to mention it, but it's part of what I'm working on.
  • Planning for the new novel this November. Notes are being taken, some research is being done.
  • Weekly assignments for The Confabulator Cafe.
  • This here blog thing where I update three times a week, or more.
  • Some short story ideas that are still percolating.
And on top of all that, I'm working a new day job. I'm not complaining at all, mind you. I'm just saying that I've got as many projects as any other writer out there who's in a similar situation.

So how does anything get done? The new job can kick my ass some days and I don't want to sit down and write. I may be stuck on one thing and then I'll move to another and I may get stuck there, too. The Cafe can be pretty daunting when our assignments are to write on things I haven't really thought about. And as far as populating this blog with regular updates, that's harder than it sounds too. 

Just think about all the typing that has to happen. 500 or so words for each blog post (or more). Unless the assignment at the Cafe is to write a flash fiction of 1000 words or so. (Which we're doing this week. You should really go over and check it out. While you're there pull down the flash fiction menu and see all the stories we've written.)

And then there's the day job. I've got a commute so I can think about writing while I'm driving but I really need to pay attention to the road, but I've been able to work out several sticking points while I"m in the car. I keep a piece of paper and a pen handy to write things down when I get stopped. I've also got a cool note app on my phone, but with that keyboard being so small, it's often faster to write things down. That app, though, has a neato voice function so I can leave myself a voice note if I want to. I don't do that often, but I have the capability.

Really the juggling comes with balancing the need for interaction with my family and the need to write stories. Since I've started the job the stories have taken a bit of a back seat but now that I'm settling in and finding a routine, I'll get back to them. I'm not worried. 

So the juggling act comes in multitasking, which is a word I intensely dislike. The mind doesn't really multitask. You're fooled into thinking it does but that's just not what happens. You can't switch like that. One of the things I'll have to do is figure out the bus system and take advantage of someone else driving every day in order to get a bunch of writing done. Or reading. 

Yeah, I'm reading every day, too. A writer has to read. 

I'm curious how you all accomplish the juggling act. Any advice? Share, if you will, in the comments. Maybe I can use some new tactics. Probably I can use some new tactics.

Let me know.

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