Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Was that really big firecracker or what?
It's Independence Day here in America and that means a lot.

  1. Retail stores are open but government offices are closed.
  2. Things are exploding.
  3. There's a marathon of Twilight Zone episodes on SyFy.
Let's tackle that second item first.

Yesterday I completed a story and all that really means is that I came to an ending. It's not an ending I like, especially, but it's an ending. It means the story is finished.

It's not ready for anything, however, other than taking a day or two off from it to rest (like when you grill a steak, you have to let it rest when you take it off the flame) and not thinking about it. 

Except I know I'm going to have to blow up the ending. It's got to be more satisfying. I'll have to get in and rip out maybe five hundred words and tighten it up then light the fuse and see what happens.

Why was the ending so difficult? Well, it's because the theme of the story only made itself apparent in the last 2,000 words. I knew the story I wanted to tell and I thought I knew why, but that changed somewhere in the middle of writing the thing. So my original thoughts were exploded when it dawned on me what I was really writing.

I thought I was writing a story that would just get me through in order to write the next one. Uh uh. It's about loyalty and the choices one must forced to make to honor that loyalty. 

THAT'S a complicated subject. 

This story may be more than I'm capable of writing currently and that's what I'll take back to it when I open up the editor tomorrow. Or maybe I'll let it rest a little longer and start the next story that I really want to write.

Likely I'll get some inspiration when I turn on the TZ marathon later. Hopefully The Howling Man will be on later. Or To Serve Man. 

While I'm doing that, you all have a great day. If you visit a retail store of some kind today do me a favor and tell the folks helping you 'thank you' for working on a holiday. They'll be glad you did and you'll feel just that little bit better. It's not hard. You can do that.

Then you can go blow things up to your heart's content.

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