Saturday, July 07, 2012

Taking Stock

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Today I spent some time looking into all the things I'm working on as far as writing goes and I was surprised at just how many projects I've got in some stage of progress. Here's a rundown without going into any detail on any of them.

  1. The Evolver Series - The first book is out (you can buy it here [hint, hint]) and the first draft of the second book is turned in. Waiting for editor's notes.
  2. An as yet unannounced second series for Actionopolis - The first book is done and I've turned in my outline for the second. Waiting for the 'go' light to show green on that. 
  3. My Short Stories - I've got Story B out right now with Story A having just come back this week with a nice rejection. I've gotta find another market for Story A. I'm also editing Story C and Story D. Story E needs a little massaging before it can go out of the house unaccompanied. 
  4. The Novel - is out to my beta readers. Waiting for notes back then a second round of revisions and the first round of submissions. I'm hoping to have the novel out on the street by the end of August.
  5. Collaboration A - I'm working on this one with one of my fellow Confabulators and it's getting exciting. We're starting to nail down some things and it's taking shape. This is probably all you'll hear about it until we're closer to having something to share. Unless you buy me a drink in person.
  6. Non-Fiction Thing A - This book is going to go pretty quickly. I'm in the planning stages of it now. I'm looking to have a draft of this done by the end of August with feedback sometime in September. Hoping to have it self-published in October or November. 
Lots of waiting. LOTS. That's the life of a writer, I guess. Getting things done is just the first step. However, I feel pretty good about the variety of things I'm working on. I've got a corkboard in front of my desk that is set up to help me keep these things organized. While I was working on it today I realized that I've changed my working methods quite a bit in the last few months. I'll share one of my insights with you on Monday.

Between the short stories and NFThing A, I should have lots to work on over the next couple of weeks. What will probably happen is that all the notes I'm waiting on will arrive all at once and I'll be overwhelmed with things that have to get done now. Thus the reason I'm working on getting these things organized in ways I can manage them.

If it's one thing I know how to do, it's manage things. 

Finally, we've had two solid weeks of temperatures over 100 degrees here in eastern Kansas. I've had just about enough of it and today's the worst of them all. I've had to water the driveway so that the cement doesn't crack any more, that's how hot it's been around here for so long. At 2 o'clock it was 101* but felt like 110*. Thankfully, tomorrow's high is only supposed to be 94*. We're crossing our fingers here. 

All right that's enough for a Saturday post. You all have a great weekend and we'll reconnect on Monday or thereabouts. 

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