Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday on My Mind

Don't resist the cute baby. He gets awfully fussy.
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The end of the week is always appreciated, even if you have to work another day for another dollar that doesn't seem to stretch as far as it should.

I've been working a lot lately on my writing and though this week hasn't been as productive as usual, I've still gotten quite a bit done. For instance, here are my thoughts on why I write:

When humans first demarcated space they started telling stories. “Yours,” pointing to one side of a Line drawn in the dirt with a finger or a stick; “Mine,” pointing to the other side.
Humans have evolved the line as they themselves have evolved, using it to define shapes of animals or other people in the service of telling a story. This culminated in the storytelling of cave paintings that started as early as 40,000 years ago.
As far as my limited research has gone on the subject of cave paintings it’s obvious that scholars don’t know what purpose the paintings served. Whether for religious purposes or to brag or communicate that hunting in the area was good is a mystery. For all anyone knows, it may be the earliest form of “Kilroy was here”-type graffiti. Regardless, the paintings are a form of storytelling. Pictograms go back at least as far as cave paintings and culminate in Sumerian and Egyptian cultures, becoming more than just ancient versions of Powerpoint presentations, but actual language.

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I've been spending a lot of time writing with my friend R.L. Naquin, whose book comes out on Tuesday. She's been so encouraging and helpful while I've been furthering my craft. You should check out her book and you can download and read the first 20% if you visit this link on Facebook. I don't know how much longer it's good, so you should hurry over and do the download. Otherwise you can buy the book on Tuesday. It's hella good stuff, I promise, and way more amusing than anything I write.

I'm finishing up a story (really a novella) this weekend and then diving back into a second revision of the novel. My time writing of late has been valuable beyond reckoning and it's allowed me to level up as a writer. I've finally clicked over on how often I'm using passive sentences and how much the story is improved when I don't use them. The lesson has finally been learned, I think. We'll see when I get back to the revisions on the novel, I suppose.

There are also a number of other stories that are crowding into my head that I want to write. I'm stretching myself as a writer and that's coming from stretching as a reader, too, I suppose. I'm heading to the library today to find a copy of The Great Gatsby, which I don't recall ever having read in its entirety though I'm familiar with quite a few parts of it. I'll also be looking for A Wrinkle In Time because it's past time I reread that one again.

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