Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's Next

Waiting for notes on stories is difficult but the best solution to overcoming that difficulty is to keep working. I'm waiting on notes on one story and another outline and still waiting on the cover for my second series. And the announcement of that series.

However, I'm definitely in the middle of a creative period. Ideas are pouring in, filling in the gaps, shoring up the walls.

I finished the real First Draft of my novel and it's gone out to my trusted readers. This gives me some time to start putting effort into several other things, none of which I'm going to talk about in much detail. At least until they're ready to go out or probably not until they've left the building.

You see, last week over at the Confabulator Cafe I talked about my history of submitting stories. I've mentioned here before that I've being 'going to submit' stuff as I get it ready. Well, it's time for it to be ready. One of the ideas that came to me --- whoops. Can't talk about it.

I contacted one of my fellow Confabulators last week and we opened up the idea of a collaboration. This could be an interesting process as I am a keen collaborator in my day job, have worked with artists on comic book projects and played in various rock bands over the years. I know my weaknesses and how to buttress them when needed. What's exciting is the chance to work with someone whose style is so different from mine and in a way I've never done before. I've spent quite a bit of time developing the idea since I --- wait. Hold on. I need to be careful, don't want to say too much.

Finally, I've started planning a new novel. The idea for this one first came to me last fall as I was prepping The Cold Distance. More than that, I don't want to say. Still very early days on this one. I will take what I learned from working on TCD and apply it to make the process of writing this one better, though. Hopefully that'll carry through on the editing, too.

These projects are exciting. I'll update as I can, as they're readied to go out into the world. In the meantime stay tuned and I appreciate each of you staying with me while I'm figuring this writing thing out. You're the best, all of you.

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