Saturday, June 09, 2012


The long tunnel from dreaming to wakefulness is filled
with casks of story. Which one to sample? Photo from here.
I've kept a notebook of ideas for the last three years or so. I don't write in it every day, and actually there haven't been any ideas to jot down in it since I was blazing away on The Cold Distance last November/December. Before that, it was probably six months or more that I'd had an idea worth writing down.

Oh, I'd written stories in that time - don't get me wrong - I just didn't have an idea that I felt was worth 'saving for later'. Usually those ideas occurred when I was working on something else and I felt the need to keep it safe, whether or not it was good or even usable was the question. Fortunately I have all of these in one place and I can access them whenever I want. Last time I went through them, I was surprised at how many I didn't immediately recall and how many I added little notes to.

Going along with my post from the other day, it takes time to process ideas and thoughts in my head. I don't know how it works for you, but there are times when things are firing like stormtroopers at Jedi and then there are times when tumbleweeds are blowing across the desert. (Yeah, I can hear the whistling of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in there, too.) This morning I woke with an idea for a story that I'd never had before. I wrote it down after I fed the cats and made coffee, but it's sticking with me. I'm going to spend the day thinking about it. It's haunting me and that's why I'm telling you about it.

It's a short story. A piece of detective fiction. It may be a little bit original. Or it may be a lot original. I'm not sure. I haven't read anything like it and it combines four disparate elements of things I've had in my head and written down over the years.

I know I'm building it up and ultimately it may be a disappointment to me and it may never go anywhere but this afternoon I'm going to write the thing and see what happens. The exciting part for me is the hypnopompic effect that I haven't experienced for a while. I think the stress of the last several months may finally be falling away. I think I may be back in a place where I can access all the ideas again.

This may have something to do, too, with Ray Bradbury's passing. (I wrote a bit about him here.) It may not. Regardless, with all that I have to do today I'll be working to get back to the keyboard and write this story.

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