Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blind and Dumb

The person who made this disappeared
under mysterious circumstances in the
company of Jim Morrison, Amelia Earhart and
someone wearing a shirt that said CROATOAN.
Aren't conspiracies fun?

The tiniest details from meager, not-quite-facts wind up the most overwrought of people on the oddest subjects.

UFOs? It's obvious the governments of the world are hiding the fact - FACT I say! - that they have had contact with alien races. Someone is obviously planning to get the rich folks off the planet before it explodes from overheating.

Global Warming/Climate Change. Man has had absolutely NOTHING to do with making the world warmer or changing how gases in the atmosphere are trapping sunlight and warming things up. Al Gore just made up the 'facts' in his movie to sell tickets. Man has no effect whatsoever on the environment.

Everybody knows - and knows with CERTAINTY - that Oswald acted alone. Never mind those pesky facts of 'science' and 'physics' or eyewitnesses that say there were more than three shots. That's all the little maggot needed.

Everyone is out to get someone. It's true, unequivocally TRUE, that someone is out to get you. And you. And you, too. Someone's out to get me, I know it. I can't PROVE it in a court of law, but you can't tell me there's no reason someone wouldn't want to 'get' me.

You know why conspiracies were invented? To keep people busy in bars, buying drinks, and eating peanuts. There's always the know-it-all in any situation who definitively show you why this one thing is bunk and there's always the well-informed, seemingly-stable guy there to rebut him. Most of the rest of us want those two to just shut up.

In terms of storytelling, these two characters are invaluable. They can drop hints and exposition in your story without much effort and while giving the main characters something to comment on. These two characters are also good for throwing out red herrings, too. I always look for a character like this in novels and films where they're most prevalent. Probably this is because there's more opportunity in fiction to throw in whatever the author wants and these scenes and characters are the first to go when the screenwriter goes to work adapting it.

Unless there's a conspiracy to keep the know-it-alls and the emphatically-stable-rebutters out of the larger lens of popular culture.

Cryptids. Deserted settlements and ships. The Bermuda Triangle. These are mysteries and some are explainable. They're not necessarily part of a larger conspiracy. If anyone comes to you with a Conspiracy Theory, remember that it's just a theory. It's not definitive until it can be proven.

As for what I mentioned above, I believe it's been proven that there were more people than just Lee Harvey Oswald involved in the assassination of JFK so there were likely more than just him shooting; I believe the science that shows that humankind has definitely affected our environment and not for the better. I don't believe anyone is out to get me but I sure want to believe in UFOs, but I can't say that it's been proven enough to say that they're from another world.

Maybe another dimension, according to String Theory, but maybe not. After all it's still a Theory though what can be tested proves out. Every time.

What do you believe in but can't prove? Let me know in the comments.

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