Monday, May 14, 2012

Wheels Turning

Rodin's The Thinker.
I feel better than I have in a few weeks. I've got my appetite back, I'm sleeping deeply and restfully (at least the last couple of nights), and my brain is ticking again. Things taste good again. Ideas for stories are burbling up. I'm THINKING.

I can't say that the ideas are any good, but they're all worth exploring. The brain juices are seeping out, covering the ideas with possibilities. The Magic 8-ball even says that the outlook is good. We'll see.

For now, I'm taking care of business and devoting time to writing. I'm near completion on a new short story that I'm looking for markets to test with. It might be the springboard for a series of shorts that could eventually be collected, too. It's more supernatural suspense than science fiction.

But I've got an SF story percolating, too. A kind of return to my days of making comic books as it involves a couple of my favorite characters from my mini comics run. You don't have any of those, you say? That's all right with me. I'm building that tale to explain why the characters are where they are so you won't have to have any previous knowledge to enjoy it. I promise. I'm going to start writing that one this week.

The novel is getting some attention, as well. I've edited the first two chapters and I think it's pretty damn good with a lot of potential. This one has me THINKING, too.

I've turned in one story (waiting on notes for that to come back) and I'm waiting on a cover for another story that's begging its sequel to be plotted and begun. I can't wait to announce those things but I'm supposed to wait...

I'm a patient guy. I'll wait for things to happen but right now it's time for me to push a little, to ensure that things are going to happen. Even if they don't happen exactly the way I want them to, they still need to happen.

The reluctant hero is answering the insistent call to adventure. My life feels a little like a Joseph Campbell text except I don't have a thousand faces. Only the one. Glad my wife likes it.

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