Saturday, May 12, 2012


I meant to be up earlier this morning because there are household chores to do, a short story to finish, another to plot, the novel to edit, and other work that has to be done. However, sleep has been elusive but that's neither here nor there. These things happen in cycles as one gets to a certain age. It's happened before and it'll happen again.

What I need to work on are how to manage those times when I'm dog-tired and need to sleep but can't. I haven't tried writing because mostly to this point I've been a morning writer. I like that schedule a lot but during NaNoWriMo, I'm capable of writing at any time during the day. (And that's a month when I don't sleep a lot, either. Dunno why.)

So, back to this morning. I got around, poured coffee and flipped on the TV. (This is, of course, my first mistake if I wanted to get anything done.) Harry Potter was on HBO and I kept flipping through the channels looking for something to watch while I ate breakfast and eventually I made it to TCM. Here's the trailer for the movie that was on, The Ministry of Fear:

Ray Milland in a story based on a Graham Greene book directed by Fritz Lang. Yeah, I'm in. When it started, I checked both my local library and Netflix to see if I could get it on DVD to watch later so I wouldn't have to be - you know - stuck in front of the tube for an hour and a half. No such luck. If I wanted to see the film I didn't know existed before this morning I'd have to watch it now.

And yes, I did watch the whole thing. Is it great? Well, not great great but watchable and an enviable precursor to later films like North by Northwest but not quite to that level. That's one distraction.

The next one is having to write something about the film because I don't want to forget it. Like I said, I have a lot of work that has to be done around here. However, it's a Graham Greene story. I've got a copy of The Third Man from the library right now to watch (along with Mr. Arkadin [AKA Confidential Report] and The Desperate Hours) and I love Graham Greene stories. I couldn't turn it off. Lang makes it less about the feelings of Milland's character than about the actions of the spies, which isn't quite what Greene does in his writing. Greene is all about how people feel and how those feelings then inform their actions. If you haven't read any of his stuff I highly recommend The Heart of the Matter and then The Quiet American. Any collection of Greene's short stories will entertain you, too.

But I was talking about distractions keeping me from working, wasn't I? I suppose I ought to put down the laptop and get to work. Things have to be done to keep the house running. I'll probably watch The Third Man when I get some stuff done and before I start writing. Then again, I've got a copy of Michael Mann's Thief (with James Caan and a cool soundtrack by Tangerine Dream) to watch, too. Here's that trailer to keep you distracted:

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