Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Working Inside and Outside

The clymatus we inherited with the house.
I promised you occasional pictures of flowers around our house and I realized I hadn't given you any lately. The clymatus at right was on the mailbox out front and it seemed like a terrible place for such a beautiful flowering vine to be. So limiting. I'd been meaning to move it for three weeks or so since we've had unseasonably warm weather here in Kansas and I finally got it done last night. It's in its new home here on the fence in full sunlight for a great portion of the day. We'll buttress it with morning glorys running down the rest of the fence. And sunflowers.

We're just waiting for the potential last freeze to happen and with lows in the mid- to high-30s this week, we're glad to wait. March was so hot that for a couple of days we had to turn on the air conditioner, which chapped me no end. I've never had to turn on the AC in March. Friggin' March!

Sigh. Anyway, I've been having a blast working outside, getting the flower beds thinned out and mulching everything in sight. Planted a hydrangea that I hope takes off, too. We'll see. The iris need some attention, but we'll get there and the forsythia is going crazy because of the already warm weather. We're looking to acquire a lilac, too. I'll let you know how that goes.

So that's outside. Inside, I finished a draft of the story I've been working on (started in December from a plot I began last fall) and I'm breaking down the plot to see where the particular problems are. My good friend Rachel tells me that 3x5 cards are the way to go when plotting a story and I'm beginning to think I may have to come 'round to that. However, this is my process for now and I'm working with it.

I'm just trying to be a more conscientious author by fixing plot holes before I turn the story in, is all. I have to learn to do things my way though everyone will tell me THE way to do them. At least as far as my writing goes. As I'm working on the breakdown I've noticed that my hero is too whiny in spots and that as I struggled with a few bits, I didn't bother to go back and check to see if I'd done any foreshadowing. That's the kind of stuff I'm working on. Cleaning up the 'by the seat of my pants' writing.

Which means the next story should be A) easier to plot and thus B) easier to write with C) minimal editing before I turn it in. In preparation for that, I'm reading John Byrne's run on Fantastic Four and consulting Lee & Kirby's middle period on the title, too. Oh, boy, is this story going to be good. I heard the term 'radical self-editing' on the radio this morning, too. That's what I'm trying to avoid, I guess. Okay, enough about me.

I read this morning that Big Wreck is coming back. And I Mother Earth. Wow, there are a couple of bands that I wouldn't mind seeing return and score a hit or two, even if it's just on the hard rock stations. I think BW has a better chance of that, but hey - what do I know about music?

What's up with you guys?

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nancylee said...

Nice to see part of your yard up close, Jason. When I moved a clematis a few years ago it shocked it a bit, and it didn't grow as much that year. They say the first year they crawl, the second year they walk, and the third year they run like hell! That's exactly what mine have done. Neither one of mine bloom this early, but when they start they just keep going and going and going! I'd have more if I had a fence line. Thanks for sharing.