Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Telling the Truth

Found on the web at http://www.prettymuchliqi.com/2011/12/catch-up.html
I'm not anywhere I should be in my writing over the last month. I'm spending time working on it when I can. This update is simply to let my five loyal readers know that I'm still here, still working, still trying to accomplish lots of big things.

Thanks for your patience, folks. I promise something will be coming and I'll give you a big update when it's appropriate. There's at least one thing coming that I can't talk about yet and maybe that'll be sooner than later.

I've got some blog posts lined up at The Confabulator Cafe, but that's all that's on the radar for the moment. Take some time and check out what my compatriots there are saying about a wide variety of subjects and marvel at how well my co-editor Sara Lundberg is keeping that blog running while I flail away at writing.

I'm off back to wordherding.

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Muriel said...

Excellent turtle photo!