Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some Light Reading

Photo by umjanedoan
This week over at The Confabulator Cafe, my fellow storytellers have written some flash fiction pieces based on photos from Flickr and instructions from the editorial team based around letters from our names. My piece doesn't come up until tomorrow, but everything that's up is a good read and right around a thousand words or so.

This assignment was enormously fun for me and shook me out of the funk I was in about writing. Since I've completed my task for the Confabulators, I've found my muse again and finished a draft of a story that I'm editing now, starting today. I've been throwing ideas back into The Cold Distance and I'm almost ready to dive into editing that again.

All this to say that having a group of close friends who push you to do things you don't want to do is what makes you better. Between the Confabulators and spending last weekend at the largest Planet Comicon I've ever experienced, I'm getting my writing energy back up. I can see things I wasn't able to see just a week ago, let alone last month. It's hard to remember that being a part-time writer is so damn hard when Life gets in your way and other things demand your attention. When you do remember how hard it is, and you start considering all the things you intended to do and haven't even thought about, it's more than a little overwhelming.

My friends have helped me rekindle the passion I need to work. So you'd be doing me a favor if you'd be so kind as to head over to the Cafe and check out their work. Start here and keep clicking on the arrows to the right. There's some really amazing stuff over there, some funny stuff, too. If you like a story, feel free to say so in the comment section underneath it. All us writers need a little love, right?

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