Friday, March 23, 2012

The Goldbricking Game

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I sat down this morning to do some writing. Instead I played my turns on five games of Words With Friends, sent an email or two, then opened up my work in progress.

I stared at it for five minutes, decided I wasn't really in the mood to write and got dressed to go outside and do yard work. To be fair, the work outside needed to be done and it's been raining buckets here of late so there haven't been a great many opportunities to get done what needs doing. The leaves needed to be pulled out of the fence, combed from the flower beds and then bagged for the city to pick up and put to  use. It won't be much longer that they'll get a ton (or a metric tonne as the case was this morning) of leaves and grass clippings because I'm going to set up composting in the next couple of weeks.

My wife and I bought a house last year and this is the first spring we're really getting into all the things we've been talking about for years: composting, a huge garden (for us, anyway), recycling, planting roses and bushes that appeal to us, and all the other little, little things that make a house our home. Including repairing leaky gutters that are full of standing water due to the downspout being filled with roof detritus. (Yeah, I was on the roof this morning, too. Freaked the cats out.)

I spent a total of three hours outside digging up bushes that neither of us liked and trying to decide where to put the hydrangea we bought the other day. I checked all the gutters and the downspouts and everything is copacetic in that regard now. I've got some of that spray on flex seal stuff that I'm going to try in the one spot where there are seven or eight holes that have developed. I'll let you know how that goes.

I've got the lawn mower taken apart, the old oil is out of it and I'm getting the blade sharpened up tonight but the earliest I'll be able to mow will be Sunday afternoon and if the Jayhawks are playing it might have to wait until after that. (That's the only basketball reference for this post, I promise!) I bought a decent trimmer and I'm going to have to learn how to use that properly. Anyway, there are lots of things on my plate that needed doing and today was a good day to get them done before the rain swept back in.

But I was writing while I was doing some of that, too. This post, for instance, and a couple of other things that have been swirling around in my brain including some stuff for The Confabulator Cafe that I have to get done.

There's also that work in progress. It has to get done so it can go out into the world. I have to stop goldbricking. I realized that that's exactly what I've been doing since January. Once I got out of the post-NaNo/post-holiday stupor I was in, I've been too drained to really focus. Part of it was my day job needing a good deal of attention, that always happens. Part of it was the grey days of winter. That always happens, too. Now there's not much excuse. It's time to get back to work. There's no more hiding, no more procrastination.

Except, I still need to plant the hydrangea and do some more planning for the garden...

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