Monday, February 20, 2012


I'll be back on Wednesday. All is well, the world didn't end and I have thoughts that I'm going to share with you. I just needed a teensy break to get my head around a few things. I appreciate you all being patient.

In the meantime, the site/post that this picture came from (via a Google image search) is interesting. You should read it here. You should also, real quick, check out this post from my good friend R.L. Naquin (whose book will drop this summer and you will enjoy it because it's all kinds of nutty fun). Not just for the meme that's already run it's course on Facebook and elsewhere, but because she and I share the same sensibility about trends.

Also, don't forget to visit my compatriots at The Confabulator Cafe. There's a lot of good writing going on over there.

Finally, the question I have to ask is how many people are reading here? I've got an idea from the poll where I asked how you accessed my inane ramblings, but if I could get a head count...

See you Wednesday with a real post.


Crittias said...

I'm reading here. Well, actually I'm reading on Google Reader, but I'm reading all of your posts.

davedehetre said...

I check in every day.

Jason Arnett said...

Thanks, guys. Good to know you're out there.