Sunday, January 01, 2012


It's January 1, 2012. It seems like a good time to tell you what this blog is all about.

Vacation is the best.
This is the blog of Jason Arnett, a storyteller who is not yet a full-time professional writer but is working toward that goal. I've had one story published and am doing more work for the publisher on a work for hire basis. This is the third or fourth blog I've run from a personal perspective and you can search the internet for the others if you like but I don't recommend it. They're boring and tedious in a lot of respects. JasonArnett dot com is much more coherent.

Typically I update here Monday, Wednesday and Friday but a day gets missed here and there and on occasion (like today) you get a bonus post or two. It happens. Your best bet is to follow this blog in your chosen feedreader. Or stop by during the week. You'll also find me on Facebook, Twitter and at the brand-spanking new blog for a coalition of writers I love: The Confabulator Cafe. I'm an editor there and will blog on Thursdays.

This blog is about my writing and whatever might be on my mind. I may say something that will wind you up or torque you off. I cuss sometimes. There will be pictures of cats, flowers or other things that I may find interesting. If any of that offends you, consider this fair warning. Be advised that not every poison dart is meant for you.

I will also write about books, music, food and movies. And science. I love science and think everyone should love science. It tells us things. Things we need to know. But I digress.

Every subject here will influence my writing in some way, large or small. Deal with it. There hasn't been a need to moderate comments so far, but if things need to change, they'll change.

Never rule anything out, I say.

So it's a new year. Welcome to the blog. I'm glad you're here. Hope you find something that you like. See you tomorrow.

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