Monday, January 02, 2012

The Shape of the Future

2012 will be full to bursting with awesome. I promise.
Happy New Year, friends. It's 2012 and the world isn't ending. Not even close.

2011 was pretty great when it's all said and done. I don't need to run down all the good stuff that happened, it's here on the blog.

It's 2012 that's got me excited and it starts today. The Confabulator Cafe is open now and it's packed full of all the things that I was looking for when I was starting out as a writer. The Confabulators are my friends and members of the writing group I've been in since the beginning of 2009. Or longer. I can't keep track.

What you'll find at the Cafe, Monday through Thursday, is a bunch of us answering, in some depth,some typical interview-type questions, several a day. On Fridays, you get a 'man on the street' question and many more answers, some from the bloggers and from other members of the group. Some of us are funny, some are insightful and some of us are just ordinary people who put our butts in chairs and fingers on keys. Full disclosure, I'm blogging there on Thursdays on whatever the week's subject is, so I hope you'll all come by. I'll keep you in the loop here as to the subject of the week and hope you'll drop in and find a writer or two or seven that you like. I already have my favorites.

My work with the Confabulators has influenced how I'm approaching this blog going forward, too. I'm going to be a little more structured and write about more things than just my own writing. I have interests in Pop Culture (TV, film, music, books, art, etc...), Science and Politics and how often they interconnect and intersect. I won't stop writing about writing, but it won't be the only focus from now on.

I'm hoping we'll see some new work published this year, too. I'm excited to see it all beginning to come together.

So the Shape of the Future is going to be something to see in 2012. Glad you're here to discover what it's going to look like with me.

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