Monday, November 14, 2011


No need to be this elaborate. Just say 'thanks'.
This morning I was at the Post Office mailing some bills before I went off to work. I love the USPS because it's always been there and it does a fantastic job of moving MILLIONS of pieces of mail every single day. Are there mistakes? Yes. Things get lost. I don't have figures and don't know where to look, but I'd bet that the fill rate of items mailed to items delivered is pretty good, all things considered. It's the most economical way to mail a letter or a payment and all it costs is, really, about ten minutes of time and a stamp (which right now is 44c according to the USPS website).

(Yes, you can pay your bills online and you can do that wearing any amount of clothes (or not) you want at any time during the day. Writing a check, putting a stamp on the envelope and going down to the Post Office to mail something gives people work. It makes them valuable to society. That's not what this post is about though. Read on.)

Anyway, this morning I was dropping my bills into the slot and a lady came out from the back room with one of those mail carts with the canvas bag holder in it. I was turned away and walking out the door when I stopped and said, "You know what? Thanks for what you guys do. I appreciate the work the postal service does and I think you're the best in the business."

She lit up like it was Christmas. "Wow! Thank you! That's very nice to hear." I smiled and walked away. I made someone's day without really trying and all it took was me noticing someone else. How hard is this, really? Think you can do it? I bet you can. See how good you feel by saying something nice to someone that they're not expecting to hear. Make it genuine and honest, don't be fake. If you can spot 'em a mile away so can everyone else.

G'head. Try it. Tell me what happens.

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