Monday, November 21, 2011


Thursday is the American Thanksgiving so the entire Internet will shut down beginning some time on Wednesday and resume its shenanigans again some time on Saturday but not back into full swing until the following Monday.

I would have typed a regular blog post, as I've been doing the entire month so far during NaNoWriMo, but I'm actually busy today. Got lots to do.

You can assume that some of it is writing, some reading, some of it is the day job and the rest of it is drinking. Not necessarily in that order.

I will say that I'm going to crack 50,000 words tonight and that's pretty cool because it's the fastest I've done it. I'm going to go through Wednesday on my novel, maybe Thursday morning, and then take three days to finish a project that needs finishing before I come back to it. I'm risking losing momentum by doing this, but I'm confident that Juggy & the Duchess is going to be there and I'll slip right back into it while I await confirmation of the other project finally being complete.

I wish you all a happy holiday and hope that it's filled with family and food and great times. I may blog a bit on Wednesday or Friday but probably not both. I would encourage you, if you're NaNoing to read this post by R.L. Naquin on finishing. Take it from me, the lady gives great advice. I'm hoping to be well over 60,000 words and two-thirds finished on J&tD by the end of November. I'm hoping to have a completed Zero Draft of the book before the 15th of December.

I expect you to hold my feet to the fire. You know who you are.

(Hey, look at that. It's a whole blog post after all!)

UPDATE: Here's the proof: 

I've since changed the target from "50,000" to "90,000" words. I think I can wind the story up at that length. Maybe a little longer if I have to. My goal is still the same: to have a Zero Draft by mid-December so I can take the year-end holidays off or start on something else that won't take as much time.

I've got some close friends (and GREAT writers) willing to help read it and offer feedback. I may hit a few others up when I get it into a 'real' First Draft. Cheers!

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