Monday, October 31, 2011

NaNo Eve

Tomorrow is the beginning of NaNoWriMo.

While the rest of America is celebrating Halloween, I'm at home doing some research on science I never thought I'd need and barely understand so that I can give my upcoming story some factual things to work around.

The last couple of days have been especially productive in terms of what I need for the story, which is informing the plot as I build it. The characters (the two 'good' guys) are pretty well-formed and in this draft the villain is bound to be fairly one-dimensional and perhaps a too Bond-ian. I'm going to try to avoid that going in, but I suppose that the weight of trying to write 50,000 words in 30 days will get to me. I know I'll have to fix him in December. However, there's a lot of time before the 'heroes' get to him so maybe I'll be able to do some villain research before they arrive on his planet.

For now, I'm sitting in the front room of my house with a basket of candy waiting to hand it out to the kids that are supposed to be haunting this block tonight. An hour and fifteen minutes into the 'official' Trick or Treating time and I have yet to see one of the little beggars. Yesterday I had a Girl Scout offer me cookies, but I gracefully refused.

The bloggening here will likely be on schedule (as normal as this blog ever is) this November because I'm really happy with my story going into NaNo and I anticipate kicking ass and taking names as the days wear on. Expect updates on my word count both on Twitter and Facebook. If you see me faltering, give me some encouragement. Hell, please cheer me on no matter how I'm doing. I think this story could be the one that finally shakes me up enough to do a finished 1st draft and give it to readers for feedback. I'm excited.

So Happy Halloween, America and elsewhere. Hope your treats are better than the tricks, but I hope the tricks make you smile in the end.

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