Sunday, October 30, 2011

Details & Organization

Two of my weakpoints.

Seriously. At least in my home life. The day job is a little different.

We moved into our new house in the middle of June and it wasn't until the middle of August that I felt like my home office was anything like settled. Here at the end of October, it's still in that limbo-state of "not where I want it but still usable".

I could take the time to go in there and clear off my desk (because it inevitably becomes the catch-all for everything that eventually lives in the office) or I could sit in front of the TV drinking whiskey. I could make time to unpack the last half-dozen boxes and get rid of the stuff that I no longer need or I could open up this here laptop and type a story or surf the web doing 'research' or catching up with friends on Twitter or Facebook. I should force myself to make sense of all my books and graphic novels by reshelving them according to author or subject so that when I'm writing a story I can find what I'm looking for.

But I haven't done any of that yet. There's a ton of stuff that needs to be moved out of the house and probably never should have been moved into the new house. Am I lazy or am I just putting off the things that bore me in favor of something really only marginally more interesting? Probably a little of both.

Organization goes a long way in a writer's world, this is true. However, this writer hasn't needed to be that organized to this point. That's got to change.

I am a creature of habit and I collect bits and pieces that I believe will eventually help me be more organized. It's time I started putting those things into use because I have to change this behavior in order to be successful. I have to spend the time to do the work because I know that I'll enjoy the fruits of the efforts.

At my day job I have to be more detail-oriented and organized or I'll get swallowed up by a roaring waterfall of issues and problems and complaints. I've preached for years that a writer has to treat the act of writing the same as any other work. It's time I took my own advice and got to it.

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Prospective Writer said...

Oh yes, the same for me. Rachel finally convinced me to go over to the Dark Side: I've just started using her index card method!! Aaaaah!