Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Idea

The Baker (not so) Wetlands
When one opens up the floodgates to potential ideas, the catchpool can often be overwhelmed with them.

Yesterday I mentioned that I had an idea for my NaNoWriMo work this year. I thought it was pretty good and had quite a bit of potential. Today inspiration struck again.

This story is a lot more lighthearted and is a science fiction caper.

Juggy is a shipside AI. The Duchess is a master thief. Together they travel the galaxy stealing hearts and valuables for a mysterious buyer until they run into the rather formidable, relentless race of warriors called The Sovereignty Board. With the help of a dimension-hopping chef they take on the Board to complete the last theft they've been commissioned for and to deliver the goods to the buyer.

Who turns out to have evil intentions of his own...

So I'm not sure now if I should write Juggy & The Duchess (I just love the title) or if I should write Organ of Record. It seems to me that since I can better describe J&tD in a nutshell like this, maybe I should develop OoR more. Maybe I shouldn't. Then again, time is running out. AGH!

So, dear readers, which do you think?


Prospective Writer said...

I'm having similar problems nailing an idea down for NaNo this year. I think a pre-NaNo brainstorming meeting might be in order. As far as your book ideas, I would definitely read either one! It just depends on whether you're up for being serious or light-hearted this November. Although my light-hearted urban fantasy from this summer turned into a much darker horror story, so maybe I'm not the one you should be taking advice from ;)

Jason Arnett said...

I think the lighthearted story is gaining steam. I like it more right now and that's pretty important. Besides there's the challenge of trying to write clever dialogue...