Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well, it's been a bit since I've been here. Sorry for the silence, but that's why you should follow me on Twitter, anyway, right? Here are some quick bits:

  • Last night I finished a new draft of the story I've been working for Actionopolis/Agents of D.A.N.G.E.R. to follow up Evolver. I'm really happy with how it's turned out as it's much better than the first draft. I'm waiting on notes back and then hopefully we'll know when it'll be out. I'm going to guess and say 'soonish'.

  • I'll be touring the floor at Planet Comicon at the end of the month in Kansas City where I hope to meet Tony Harris and Ben Templesmith as well as reconnect with all my friends who I only ever see at comic conventions. 

  • It's tournament time for us college basketball freaks and despite all the haters (and really, doesn't it take a lot of energy to hate?) I am rooting for my Jayhawks to make a strong run in the NCAA tournament. They've won the Big XII (or shared the regular season title) for seven years straight but the competition this year was tougher than ever. With Nebraska and Colorado leaving the conference after this year, it'll be interesting to see what happens next. I hope we get to play Oklahoma and Oklahoma State twice a year again. I miss that from the old Big 8 days.

  • I woke this morning realizing I had left a plot element dangling. I have to get back to that and fix it tonight. I mention this because I dreamed of writing last night. I think this means something.

  • Then later, after coffee and exercise, a new opening line to the novel I started came to me. The novel's been on hold while I've been finishing this story up because I have a hard enough time finding Time to Write being a part-time writer, so juggling multiple stories while one of them is for someone else is not something I'm good at. It'll happen, just hasn't happened yet. Anyway, that new first line is rolling around in my head for a while before I'll add it to the manuscript.

  • I've been reading a lot since the holidays and I'm just now finishing up Mike Carey's fifth (and final?) Felix Castor novel, The Naming of the Beasts and loving it. Carey's one of the great comic book writers who's got a wealth of ideas and I'll continue to support him. You are reading his very excellent creator-owned work THE UNWRITTEN, right? If not, there are two trades out at least, and maybe a third. I'm also halfway through a bio of Robert Heinlein. Fascinating read, that.

  • As always I'm late to the party on quite a bit of pop culture stuff, too. I recently found time to watch David Tennant's Dr. Who run and now I'm getting into Torchwood's second season. Maybe it's just this season, but it seems to be a lot about family and relationships. I love that stuff. 

And that's got to be enough for now. I won't promise when I'll be back to say 'hi' again, but it'll be soon. (Well, soonish.) I'll come back later to drop in links, but I want to get this posted now.

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