Saturday, January 29, 2011


At the risk of emulating Warren Ellis TOO closely, I need to start putting up some Links of Interest that will remind me later on of things that inspire or inform me. Yes, it's just a link dump, sorry.  Check 'em out, though.

UFO-like clouds linked to Military Maneuvers
Though remote, the observatory-and-antenna facility in Gakona, Alaska, is anything but secret. Even so, its use of radio waves to "excite" areas of Earth's ionosphere has helped convince some that HAARP can control weather—and perhaps even create triple hole-punch clouds.

5 Myths of Challenger Shuttle Disaster Debunked
For example, one commonly repeated myth is that Challenger exploded 73 seconds after launching from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
"The shuttle itself did not explode," said Valerie Neal, space shuttle curator at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. "I think the origin of that myth is that it looked like an explosion, and the media called it an explosion." 

 Bob Edwards Show: Simply the Most Beautiful
Annie Griffiths has the job we all want: She’s a photographer for National Geographic and her assignments have taken her to nearly every inch of the globe. Griffiths served as editor for a stunning, new coffee table book titled  Simply Beautiful Photographs.
Mark Evanier's advice to writers
A writer finishes things...even things that never get sold. Every professional writer has things they've written that never sold or reached the public. In fact, we all have things we've written that upon reflection, we're very glad didn't reach the public.

And finally, in a bit of blatant whorebaggery self-promotion, here's a link to the article that appeared on yesterday about the guys who asked me to write Evolver.

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