Saturday, December 18, 2010

What I've Learned: December 2010

  • Being a husband and a dad is the best job in the world. Hands down.
  • I’ve been a visual artist, a musician and now a writer of fiction. I think I’m better suited to being a writer than anything else. I can come and go from it a little more easily.
  • I just got this criticism again recently that I put too much of myself into my work. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes it can be overwhelming for others.
  • I have no regrets about my life. Maybe I’ve done regrettable things, but I don’t think that, in the long run, I ever really hurt anyone.
  • I’ve ‘met’ a lot of people online, but there are probably only two or three that I’d consider friends. I hope I get to shake their hands and see the twinkle in their eyes when we meet. I hope their voices match what I have in my head, but it’s okay if they don’t.
  • A friend is someone who says, “You did this cool thing? Great,” and then treats you like it’s really no big deal.
  • Patience will get you a lot farther than being pissed off.
  • I have a lot of anger in me about all the stupidity that is so pervasive around the world. It all boils down to people being selfish and inattentive. How hard is it to hold a door for someone who’s three steps behind you? What does that cost?
  • Most people don’t care about the arts unless there’s some tangible ‘gain’ from it. I think we don’t put enough value on the joy that comes from seeing something beautiful or hearing something that stirs one’s feelings. Not that I want to get all touchy-feely, but if you can take a moment and identify with a piece of art or a story or a sound, do it. Your life is richer in feelings than you’ll ever be in money when you pay attention and it costs you a lot less than your monthly cable bill.
  • My grandfather was the best storyteller I’ve ever known and I’ll never be as good as him.
  • I know my limitations but I try not to let them limit me. They’re only obstacles that have to be overcome or surmounted in some way.
  • I say ‘yes’ way too much and I take on tasks that interest me. When deadlines for completing those things overwhelm me, I turn into a person I don’t much like.
  • “Done is the engine of more” really is true.
  • Waiting for notes from an editor can be nerve-wracking, so it's best to have another story to work on while you're waiting.
  • If you ask Who, What, Where, When and How and you still don't know all the answers then it's time to ask Why at least three times.

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Just Wendy said...

I really love this post, Jason. Straight from the heart.

I, too struggle endlessly with the chaos we humans cause in the world.

I hope one day my lone voice is heard. Sadly, for that to occur it will require either an obscene amount of money or influence, of which I have neither.

If I don't see you before Christmas, I wish you and your family a wondrous happy holiday!

May 2011 be a good year for us writers:)