Tuesday, September 07, 2010


So I acquired a copy of Donald Maass' Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook because Borders didn't have a copy of Writing the Breakout Novel this weekend.  I started reading yesterday and doing the exercises as I go along and I already can see where I can make the story I'm working on BETTER in significant ways.

In order to have some backup material to digest in between chapters, I also bought Self-Editing for Fiction Writers and in the first chapter alone I've been schooled on scenes.

It helps that I know a little and have done some research on my own, but if you've heard of these books and you're waiting for reviews of them, consider this my endorsement of the two titles. These are really workshops disguised as books and if you're serious about the craft, then go ahead and buy them. We'll see how it goes as I'm revising my current story, but the notes I got back about 'increase the tension' definitely make more sense and I know HOW they make sense, not just WHY.

Back to the grindstone.

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