Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Universe, Unintentionally

The stories I’m writing have become interconnected without me really intending it. At least not at first. The idea was to just write what was in my head, exploring as many genres and story ideas as possible. It was my love of comic books and the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe that probably dragged me this way, but it could also be the influence of Faulkner or Stephen King or any number of other authors who I’ve read over the years. Also possible is that building a Universe is leftover business from my mini comics run.

I’m not Alan Moore, I’m not Neil Gaiman, I’m not Stephen King and I know it believe me. I’m not trying to be those guys, I’m really just trying to be me; trying to find Jason’s voice and tell Jason’s stories. If what I’m writing seems somehow familiar or derivative remember that it’s difficult to be wholly original. Gaiman and other professional-type writers run into it and have to tell their readers online to not post any fiction in the messages on their blogs. It’s crazy that ideas are litigated over, and there’s really no point in pulling a gifted, acknowledged, award-winning author into court over an idea you gave him by posting your own poor fiction on another’s message board, is there?

Everyone has the same ideas. It’s all about the execution. For me it’s been about stretching myself from just wanting to do comics and to explore this newly opened option of writing short stories. I’ve done more writing in the last six months than I have in the last three years and it’s getting better. It’s getting better precisely because I’m writing more. And reading more, too.

So there it is: the influences of my past (comics, certain authors, even some Old Time Radio shows) are finally catching up with me and I’m making the most of it. I’m using a master plot, though I hope it’s not REALLY a formula. I’m using professional author’s Rules of Writing and in the process coming up with a few rules of my own. All of this is coming together into a coalescing of Idea, Will and Time that’s perhaps best described as a Universe of Jason’s Stories. It didn’t start that way, and I even resisted for a while, but there were too many interesting things to explore.

I can’t let it go. The act of creation is a powerful aphrodisiac. Seeing that creation to completion is even more powerful. Done is the engine of more.

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mar said...

I took a class on Faulkner in college. I loved how many of his books had characters and histories that weaved in and out of each other. Of course I could compare this to the Marvel and DC universes with which I was so familiar and that was a thrill. Not as many wagons in Metropolis, though.