Friday, May 18, 2007

Beneath, Between and Behind

Another rehearsal last night, with massive edits for clarity and brevity. With a few hours of typing, I have the final draft of the recording script for Episode #000 done and can move on to beginning the process for the first episode of the first arc. It is two-thirds plotted and the last third is not a nebulous mass in my head, there are notes that need to be refined. I'm starting to feel more like a real writer as this process unfolds. I will share how I'm working this out once I've got the plotting finished and the first half written.

The first arc will be six episodes long and is called --- no, I won't say it out loud yet. We need to get through this test reel, that I'm calling Episode 000, first. It may never see the light of day, or it may be released as an extra later on. It depends on the quality of the recording and the depth of the acting. There are a LOT of firsts for me on this project. I've never 'directed' actors, and I've never completed a radio play for air. I have 90% of the public elements in place (site hosting and such) but still, it's an approach I haven't done before, so I know I'm likely to forget something, which is why we're doing the test reel before proceeding apace with the actual show.

I'm jazzed about last night's rehearsal. I think I've got something that will fly like an eagle.

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